Best 8 Daiastatic Malt Powder Substitutes: Which one Is the Best For You?

Homemade French bread. The freshly baked taste is exceptional, isn’t it?

But if you’re out of malt powder when you’re ready to make it, you’re in trouble.

Oh no! I don’t have any malt powder. What should I do?

In such a case, it’s helpful to know the substitute for malt powder!

So this time, I’ll introduce you to “substitutes for malt powder”, and I hope you’ll find them useful.

What is Malt Powder? What it does and tips on choosing a substitute

Malt powder is a powdered extract of sprouted barley that contains enzymes (alpha-amylase) and maltose, which is a baking ingredient.

Hard bread, generally called French bread, is baked quite hard, probably due to the custom of baking them for meals, and is made with simple ingredients: wheat, yeast, salt, and water.

Sugar and butter are generally not used because they make the bread soft. However, the yeast needs enzymes and sugar to ferment.

Flour also contains a small amount of amylase, but the addition of malt powder adds enough enzymes and maltose to produce a very flavorful, well-browned French bread.

Also, the trick to choosing a substitute for malt powder this time is to use something that will give energy to the yeast or other yeast work.

In other words, choose something that will feed the yeast and something that will improve the color of the bread.

Some baking flours are pre-mixed with malt powder, so it’s also convenient to choose such flours!

8 alternatives to malt powder

1) Malt extract (malt syrup)

Malt Extract

Malt extract (malt syrup) is the raw material for malt powder. It is also called malt syrup.

It is also called malt syrup. Its ingredients and function are the same as malt powder.

Make a malt solution with a ratio of 1 part malt syrup to 1 part water, and mix it into the ingredients.

You can buy it at baking supply stores, imported grocery stores, and online!

2)Koji / Shio koji


Fermented foods such as koji and shio koji are rich in amylase, a starch-degrading enzyme, and protease, a protein-degrading enzyme that is also found in malt.

Amylase breaks down wheat starch to make maltose, which helps the yeast ferment.

The protease also helps the gluten to stretch and retain carbon dioxide, making it a good substitute for malt as an enzyme assistant.

If you use 250 grams of flour, which is equivalent to two loaves of French bread, you will need about 40-45 grains of rice malt. (You can adjust the amount according to your needs.)

If you want to use shio koji as a substitute, you can either add a little more (depending on the type of shio koji) or add a little more shio koji to 5g of salt, since shio koji has a lower salt concentration than salt.

Both koji and shio koji are readily available at supermarkets!



It’s okay if your food lacks a little flavor because you are enjoying it at home, but you still want it to brown well.

In such a case, you can use the most familiar sugar.

You can use white sugar, granulated sugar, brown sugar, millet sugar, or tensai sugar.

Instead of adding 1 gram of malt powder, 4 to 6 grams would be a good amount.

Other sweeteners such as molasses or honey can also be substituted.

However, be careful not to use the transparent syrup as it may make it difficult to brown.

4) Flour with malt powder

Flour With Malt Powder

Flour that is malt powder mixed is also a good substitute.


  • Lisdole (semi-strong flour)

This is a major flour that is much loved by bakers and baking enthusiasts.

Some people may use it without realizing that it contains malt powder.

This flour is suitable not only for hard bread but also for pastries such as danish and is very easy to handle. It is milled in Japan from wheat from North America and Australia.

  • Maison Kayser Traditional (semi-strong flour)

This flour is produced by Maison Kaiser, a popular bakery store. Produced directly by the French owner, it has a unique flavor and retro, creamy color. It can be used not only for hard bread but also for making all kinds of bread, including focaccia. It is milled in Japan from wheat from North America and Australia.

  • La Tradition Francaise (semi-strong flour)

This is flour from a major flour miller in Paris. This is the flour used by the major flour mills in Paris. It is said that all the baguette contest winners used this flour. It produces a crispy, aromatic crust and a glutinous crumb. It is also used in baked goods. From France.

  • Jenny (semi-strong flour)

A popular flour for French bread with a savory, slightly sweet flavor. It is preferred when sweetness is desired in the crust. It is also suitable for sweetbreads and is milled in Japan from wheat grown in North America and Australia.

You can buy this wheat at some supermarkets, but the best way to be sure is to buy them from specialty stores, imported food stores, or online.

There is no problem in adding more malt to flour that contains malt powder, as long as it is in moderate amounts.

If you add more malt to the flour that contains malt powder, there is no problem, as long as it is in the right amount.

5) ER (semi-strong) flour for hard bread

Flour For Hard Bread

ER” is a European abbreviation for “type ER.

ER is a European abbreviation for type ER. It is used not only for hard bread but also for croissants and danishes.

The blend consists of rice malt, chlorella extract, and acerola powder.

Rice malt contains protease, a proteolytic enzyme that is also abundant in malt.

Chlorella extract: gives elasticity to the dough and improves its moisturizing properties.

Acerola powder: Vitamin C helps to tighten the dough. It’s very easy to use with this kind of ingredient.

Apart from the malt, when vitamin C is added to the dough, it keeps the dough slightly acidic and activates the yeast.

If you have lemons in the fridge, try adding a small amount of lemon juice to the dough, as it will make the dough less sticky, tighter, and more voluminous.

6) Beer


Make the water you add to the flour into the beer.

Be sure to use “100% malt” or “100% malt and hops”.

Beer is made from fermented malt, so it would be a good substitute.

The alcohol will fly off when you bake it!

7) Powdered beer yeast for cooking

Powdered Beer Yeast For Cooking

Add about 3/4 tablespoon to 250g of flour and mix it into the dough.

The yeast will become active and can be substituted.

8) Make without substitute

It is undeniable that there is a difference in baking and flavor between adding and not adding substitutes.

However, French bread can be made with a simple recipe of flour, yeast, water, and salt.

If you don’t mind when you want to make it quickly, you can try making it as is!


  • Malt powder is a powder made from sprouted barley.
  • Malt powder is mainly used in French bread to improve flavor and browning.
  • The trick to choosing a substitute is to choose foods and sugars that contain enzymes.
  • The following six substitutes for malt powder are recommended. [Malt extract, koji/salt malt, sugar (glucose), blended flour, 100% malt beer, beer yeast (with enzymes)
  • There are many different ways to make bread, and there is probably no right one method.
  • Trying all kinds of creative ways is part of the fun!