I’m Luke, a product manager in a non-famous Internet company. This year, the COVID-19 year, I’m 30 and have to say that I still can’t cook before.

The COVID-19 keeps me at home and almost all the restaurants near home were closed. No fitness, no travel, no vacation, no fishing.

Every day, there is nothing else except working at home, and I feel like a lonely island in the world.

I had to make some changes, I had to force myself to get something enjoyable, like cooking.

So, I started my cooking journey by purchasing pots, rice cookers, and other products for the first time.

What’s exciting is that I have an extraordinary talent for cooking. After a few failed attempts, my cooking skills turned out to be as good as possible, even as good as my mother and my girlfriend.

In the process, I have to say that I benefited from the good tools I bought, and without them, I might be nothing.

And this blog was established at the instigation of my girlfriend. She said, hey, Luke, you are an internet product manager and understand website development techniques, and now you like cooking, why not write some blogs to share your cooking experience.

So, I started this blog to share some of the problems I encountered in the process of cooking in the kitchen, as well as the way I buy good kitchen tools.

Besides, I said this quietly. In fact, my girlfriend hopes that I will fall in love with cooking and can always make good food for her, so she can be liberated from it. 🙁