10 Best Vinegared Cucumber Substitutes: Which One Is The Best For You?

Vinegared cucumbers are a classic side dish with a sweet and sour taste.

The refreshing taste of sanpai vinegar makes it easy to eat even when your appetite is low, and it will probably be on the table more often, especially during the hot season.

However, there are a surprising number of people who do not like the green smell of cucumbers.

I don’t like cucumbers… I don’t like cucumbers, but I want to eat vinegar!

For those who don’t like cucumbers, here are some foods that can replace cucumbers as the main ingredient in vinegar dishes, so please take a look at them!

10 Recommended substitutes for vinegared cucumber

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 1: Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts

The first thing I would like to recommend is to use bean sprouts as a vinegar substitute.

Bean sprouts can be used in a variety of dishes, such as stir-fries, soups, and namul, and they are an inexpensive and useful ingredient.

The texture is crunchy, and those who like the crunchiness of cucumbers may be satisfied.

It is easy to make using a microwave oven, so I recommend it.

When wrapping the heatproof dish, make sure to wrap it softly so that the steam can circulate, and close the edges afterward.

After removing from the heat, drain the water before adding the seasonings, and squeeze it tightly with your hands or a cloth.

You can also dress it with wakame seaweed or crabapples, or add raayu or sesame oil to make it your own.

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 2: Wakame (wakame stems)


Many people may add wakame (seaweed) when making cucumber vinegar, but we also recommend using wakame as the main ingredient.

If you are using fresh wakame, boil it just enough to retain its texture and cut it into bite-sized pieces. (Of course, you can also use dried wakame that has been soaked.

(*Dried wakame can also be used.) When using any wakame, it is important to drain it thoroughly.

(You can use dried wakame, of course.) When using any wakame, make sure to drain it thoroughly. Wakame is also delicious with shirasu (baby sardines) or sakura ebi (shrimp).

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 3: Okra


Like cucumber, okra is in season in summer.

Just boil okra and cut it into the desired size, then dress it with vinegar and seasonings. You can enjoy it with various ingredients such as octopus, wakame seaweed, and myoga.

The trick to boiling okra is to put the whole okra in the pot without dropping the stems.

If you remove the stems, the hot water will penetrate the holes and the vinegar will become watery.

It is recommended to boil them quickly and for a short time so as not to lose nutrition.

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 4: Yams


Like okra, yam is a sticky food.

Cut the raw yam, which contains a lot of water, into clappers along the fibers.

It has a crunchy texture but can be eaten easily, so it is recommended to have it as a salad.

It can also be served as a vinegared dish with a sprinkling of yakinori seaweed for a refreshing dish.

Peeled yams will discolor over time, so it is best to cook them just before eating or soak them in vinegar water to remove the lye.

When using a knife, be very careful not to slip your hand through the slime. I also recommend using a peeler!

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 5: Radish


It may seem surprising when you think of daikon (Japanese radish) used in oden and simmered dishes, but what about the red and white namasu eaten at New Year’s?

Namasu,” which is radish and carrot dressed with sweet vinegar, is a splendid vinegared dish. Daikon radish can also be used as an ingredient for vinegar if you cut it into strips or peel it thinly with a peeler.

It is crunchy, refreshing, and perfect as a chopstick rest. It is often combined with carrots to make a colorful dish.

Shredded daikon should be mixed with salt, squeezed dry, and then mixed with vinegar.

I recommend using the part closest to the leaves since it is eaten raw.

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 6: Enokitake Mushrooms

Enokitake Mushrooms

In addition to vegetables and seaweed, you can also use mushrooms for vinegar.

Enokitake mushrooms, which are easily available throughout the year, are another ingredient that can be used in vinegar dishes.

You may become addicted to its unique texture, which is different from the crunchy texture of yam or radish.

Cut the enoki mushrooms in half, remove the stones, break them up lightly, and boil them quickly in a pot.

Drain off the water and serve with vinegar.

You can also add wakame seaweed, ginger, or shiso leaves if you like.

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 7: Tomato


Tomatoes, which are fresh, sweet, and sour, are another ingredient that can be eaten with vinegar.

The dressing for salads contains vinegar, so it’s probably no surprise that it goes well with vinegar dishes.

To make it, simply cut the raw fish into bite-size pieces and mix with the vinegar. It’s easy to make, so it’s a good choice when you need one more dish.

It is also delicious when dressed with the wakame seaweed, okra, and yam that I have introduced so far.

You can also combine it with thinly sliced and soaked onions to make a fancy dish that looks like a marinade!

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 8: Cabbage


Cabbage, which is used in a variety of dishes such as salads and stir-fries, is also recommended for vinegar dishes.

When using it as a dressing, boil it once, let it get a little crispy, and then squeeze it to make it easier to mix with seasonings.

It is recommended to boil them for a short time and then pull them out of the water so that they remain crunchy.

This is a dish that can be arranged in many ways, such as sprinkling sesame seeds or adding crabapples to add color.

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 9: lotus root

Lotus Root

Vinegared lotus root has a crispy texture.

It is also called “vinegared lotus root” and is known as one of the Osechi dishes.

The key to this dish is to soak thinly sliced lotus root in water, boil it briefly, and then add vinegar while it is still hot.

It is better to marinate them for a little longer to let the flavors soak in, so be careful that it takes longer than when making cucumber or cabbage vinegar.

Substitute for Cucumber Vinegar 10: Seafood (octopus, squid, shellfish, etc.)

Seafood Mix

It is standard to combine octopus with cucumber vinegar, but you can also use octopus as the main ingredient of the vinegar dish.

If you buy boiled octopus, just cut it into bite-size pieces and dress it with vinegar. You can also dress it with wakame seaweed, okra, and onions.

Many kinds of seafood go well with vinegar, including squid and shellfish such as bai clams, cockles, and scallops.

Crunchy shellfish can also enjoy the texture of the crunchy is recommended!


  • Surprisingly, many people do not like the green smell of cucumber, and many people are looking for alternatives to cucumber.
  • The following ingredients can be used to make vinegar instead of cucumber. [bean sprouts, wakame seaweed, okra, yam, daikon radish, enoki mushroom, tomato, cabbage, lotus root, seafood (octopus, squid, shellfish, etc.)