Carrot Substitutes: Here Are Some Recommended Alternatives You Can Choose

Carrots are a very versatile vegetable that plays a big role in popular classic dishes such as curry and meat and potatoes.

They are also full of nutrition, so we want to use them more and more in our dishes.

However, if there is someone in your family or among the people you eat with who says, “I don’t like carrots…,” you are in trouble.

I can’t put carrots in my food. I don’t know what to do…

If you want to make curry or meat and potatoes, but you don’t have carrots, it’s not very tasty, and some people may feel that it’s not very nutritious.

In this article, I will introduce some vegetables that can replace carrots to help you in your time of need.

What are the characteristics of carrots? What kind of nutrition does it contain?

Ginseng is a member of the carrot family.

Carrots have a unique aroma and a slight sweetness, and their sweetness increases when they are cooked.

They are in season from autumn to winter and are delicious when used in hot dishes such as stews and stir-fries. Fresh ones can also be used raw, so they can be made into salads or vegetable sticks.

As you can see, carrots are also a green vegetable with a bright orange color and are full of nutrition.

Carrots are very rich in “carotene”, one of the highest contents among vegetables.

Carotene has a strong antioxidant effect and can be expected to remove active oxygen.

Carotene is also a precursor of vitamin A, which helps maintain the health of mucous membranes in the throat, nose, and skin.

Vitamin A is a very important nutrient in preventing colds and flu, so it’s great for building healthy mucous membranes and making your body more resistant!

11 vegetables that can replace carrots

Vegetables that can replace carrots 1: Pumpkin


Pumpkin, which is crunchy and sweet, is a good substitute for the curry.

Although it has a different flavor from carrots, children will enjoy eating it because it is sweet and tasty.

Also, pumpkin is a green vegetable like carrots and is full of nutrition.

It is rich in carotene, though not as much as carrots, and its skin contains dietary fiber.

It also contains vitamins C and E. If you include the conversion of carotene to vitamin A, it can be highly effective for anti-aging and preventing colds.

Pumpkin is an excellent vegetable, good for your beauty and good for your health!

Vegetables that can be substituted for carrots 2: Spinach


Spinach, which is often used for boiled vegetables, sesame paste, namuru, etc., is also delicious when added to curry instead of carrots.

Some people also add spinach to meat and potatoes, making it a vegetable with a wide range of uses.

Spinach is also known for its high nutritional value.

Spinach is known for its high nutritional value. One of the most important nutrients in spinach is iron, which contains as much iron as beef liver.

It is an essential vegetable for preventing anemia.

It also contains as much carotene as carrots, which is a good thing.

However, spinach contains oxalic acid, so be sure to pre-boil it when using it.

Vegetables that can be substituted for carrots 3: Molokheiya


Molokheiya, which has no peculiar flavors or aromas and goes well with any seasoning, is often added to curry and is a good substitute for carrots.

It becomes sticky when cut, so the key is to add it at the end of the recipe when adding it to curry.

The texture is fun, and kids will love it.

Like spinach, molokheiya also contains oxalic acid, so be sure to preboil it when cooking.

Also, molokheiya contains an amount of carotene comparable to that of carrots.

It also contains vitamins C and E and can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect and anti-aging effect.

Vegetables that can be substituted for carrots 4: Okra


Okra, with its bright green color and gooey texture, can be used in place of carrots in meat and curry dishes.

When raw, it has a peculiar greenish smell and downy hair that is not pleasant to the touch, but it can be washed and preboiled thoroughly for a delicious taste.

Okra is also a rich source of potassium.

Okra is rich in potassium, which not only removes excess salt from the body but also increases bone density, making it a good vegetable for growing children.

Vegetables that can be substituted for carrots 5: Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms

Many people add mushrooms when making meat and potatoes, including many who add shiitake mushrooms.

Even if you don’t have carrots, the flavor and richness of shiitake mushrooms make very tasty meat and potatoes.

Shiitake mushrooms also go well with curry, and can be added to thinly sliced shiitake mushrooms to make Japanese-style curry, or chopped and mixed with minced meat to make keema curry.

Shiitake mushrooms also contain a unique ingredient called “eritadenine”.

Erythadenin is effective in lowering cholesterol levels, which can be expected to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

It is also rich in dietary fiber, so it is effective in preventing constipation and obesity.

Vegetables that can be substituted for carrots 6: Komatsuna


Komatsuna, which is used in many Japanese dishes such as stir-fries, boiled vegetables, and soups, can also be used as a substitute for carrots.

It has no peculiar flavor or aroma, so it can be used in both curry and meat and potatoes.

Also, komatsuna contains a considerable amount of iron and calcium.

Compared to spinach, which is known for its high nutritional value, komatsuna contains three times as much iron and four times as much calcium, making it a vegetable you should eat.

It also contains a large amount of carotene, although not as much as carrots.

Vegetables that can be substituted for carrots 7: Radish


Like carrots, daikon is a versatile vegetable that can be used in oden and other nabe dishes, simmered dishes, salads, and as a condiment.

It becomes very tasty when soaked in flavor, so it can be used in place of carrots when making curry or meat and potatoes.

The root part of such daikon contains diastase and glycosidase, which can be used to help stomach digestion and regulate the function of the intestines.

Although people often focus on the health benefits of daikon leaves, the roots also have plenty of health benefits!

In addition to the above, other vegetables can be used in place of carrots (8-11).

Everyone’s ideas

  • Tomatoes
  • Turnips
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Bamboo shoots


  • Carrot is a vegetable of the genus Carrot in the family Sericaceae. The root part, which is mainly eaten, has a unique aroma and a slight sweetness.
  • Carrot is rich in carotene and has a strong antioxidant effect, and is also converted into vitamin A, which helps prevent infections, making it effective for health and beauty.
  • The following 11 substitutes for carrots are recommended. [Pumpkin, spinach, molokheiya, okra, shiitake, komatsuna, radish, tomato, turnip, mixed vegetable, bamboo shoot].