Takoyaki Octopus Substitutes: Here Are Some Recommended Alternatives You Can Choose

Not only Kansai people, but many people nowadays have takoyaki parties at home with family and friends.

Takoyaki parties at home are fun for both children and adults from the time you make them, and it’s also a great way to eat a lot of takoyaki that you can’t enjoy at a restaurant.

However, when I decided to have a takoyaki party today, I had to go to the supermarket. But when you go to the supermarket, they are out of octopus! Have you ever had that experience?

Oh no! The octopus is sold out. What should I do?

If you don’t have octopus, which is the main ingredient of takoyaki, you will be in trouble.

In this article, we will introduce some recommended ingredients that can be substituted for octopus in takoyaki.

If you have any problems, please refer to this article!

8 alternatives to octopus for takoyaki (alternative ingredients to enjoy the octopus-like texture)



Squid has a crunchy texture similar to octopus, and is cheaper than octopus.

If you use squid instead of octopus, it is the same seafood and you can try it without any resistance.

2) Shrimp


Like squid, shrimp is also a seafood item. The texture is elastic and plump, and you can enjoy a different taste from octopus.

It is also cheaper than octopus.

By seasoning them with salt and pepper beforehand, you can make a Western-style takoyaki, which goes well with wine.

What’s more, if you add shrimp mayo instead of just plain shrimp, it tastes really good! In fact, it’s such a popular ingredient that it’s even on the menu at restaurants.

It’s hard to make shrimp mayo at home, so you can try adding shrimp mayo that you buy from a deli.

Shrimp mayo definitely goes well with takoyaki, which goes well with mayonnaise. It’s a little extravagant, but it’s an ingredient I’d like to try.

You can also buy frozen seafood mix that contains squid and shrimp. It is always available in supermarkets and is easy to find, so it is nice to be able to try a variety of ingredients at once.

3) Konnyaku


Konjac is a popular alternative to octopus because of its elastic texture.

It is low in calories, easy on the stomach, and much cheaper and more economical than octopus.

You can add seasoned konjac for an even better taste.

It can be baked in a frying pan and seasoned with soy sauce or sweet and spicy seasoning.

It’s a surprising ingredient that can give you a taste similar to takoyaki with green onions and tenkasu!

4)Beef tendon and konnyaku

Beef tendon

In addition to the konnyaku mentioned above, you can add beef tendon to make an even more delicious and luxurious dish.

What a combination, this is called “Rajoyaki”, the original Takoyaki.

It’s sure to be delicious!

5) Eringi mushrooms

Eringi mushrooms

The crunchy texture of eringi is similar to that of octopus.

Not only eringi, but mushrooms in general are good ingredients to go with takoyaki.

It’s also a good thing that mushrooms are healthy!

6) Chicken


Chicken can be substituted for octopus by adding crunchy chicken.

It is also recommended to use pre-seasoned or canned yakitori.

In particular, I highly recommend canned yakitori with yuzu kosho flavor.

The crunchy Miyazaki chicken seasoned with yuzu kosho (Japanese citron and pepper) is a great ingredient, even better than octopus!

7) Gizzard


Gizzards have a unique crunchy texture, and are an ingredient with a strong presence that rivals octopus.

Fry it and season it with salt and pepper for an even better takoyaki.

8) Paste


Although the texture may be a little weaker than that of octopus, fish paste such as chikuwa, kani kama, and kamaboko are also recommended.

They are also inexpensive and easy to try.

14 alternatives to octopus for takoyaki (ingredients that are slightly different from octopus but are delicious)

1) Scallops


Unlike squid or shrimp, scallops may not have the same texture, but the delicious seafood broth makes for a tasty takoyaki.

Baby scallops or canned scallops can be used.

If the texture of the scallops is not enough, why not try combining them with shrimp or squid to make a seafood takoyaki?

2) Scallion


In Chiba and other prefectures, asariyaki is a very popular type of takoyaki in which asari is added instead of octopus!

Asari-yaki is a very tasty dish with a delicious broth, and a must-try food.

3) Wiener


I’m sure many of you have tried this one before.

It’s a classic ingredient for people who don’t like octopus!

It is also very popular with children and goes well with other ingredients such as corn, cheese, and kimchi.

Other good choices would be sausage, salami, bacon, etc.!

4) Rice cake

Sliced rice cakes

By adding rice cakes cut into small pieces, the filling of takoyaki becomes chewy and it is also an ingredient that makes you feel full.

It is best to season it with soy sauce, salt and pepper first.

5) Cheese


Cheese is popular among women. It melts in the takoyaki and becomes an exquisite taste.

The cheese that is left on the outside of the takoyaki is also crispy and fragrant, giving it a different flavor.

The best part is that cheese goes well with many other ingredients such as sausage.

6) Kimchi


Kimchi is a must-have ingredient for those who like spicy food.

It goes well with cheese, and when combined with cheese, the spiciness is softened, making it easier to eat for those who do not like spicy food.

7) Corn


It is also delicious to add plenty of corn, which is popular among children, and it becomes even more delicious when combined with tuna and mayonnaise.

8) Mentaiko


Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) has a strong flavor without the need for sauce.

It tastes great with cheese or rice cakes.

9) Takuan


It does not have the elasticity of octopus, but its crunchy texture is still there even after being heated.

Pickled nozawana is also recommended. Pickles have a strong flavor, so they are good as a snack for drinks.

10) Tuna

canned tuna

The oil from the tuna adds juiciness and crunchiness to the outside.

However, it doesn’t have nearly as much texture, so it’s best to add it with other food items that are more satisfying.

And with tuna mayo corn, it’s bound to be a favorite of kids and adults alike!

11) Asparagus


This is an ingredient with a strong texture that is very satisfying to eat. It also goes well with cheese.

It is best to boil it first, then cut it into rounds and add it.

It is nice to be able to consume vegetables in takoyaki, which is often lacking in vegetables.

This is a recommended ingredient for the health-conscious!

12) Broccoli


Broccoli is also a great source of vegetables.

Try boiling broccoli in salted water and combining it with seafood or sausage for a satisfying meal.

13) Tomatoes


This is another vegetable that goes well with cheese.

The combination of green pepper + tomato + cheese + bacon is like eating a complete pizza.

If you eat it with sweet chili sauce or Tabasco, it turns into an Italian-style takoyaki at once!

14) Quail eggs

Quail eggs

It is said that boiled quail eggs are delicious when added to takoyaki.

However, there have been failed cases where they exploded and flew to the ceiling.

It is very dangerous, so if you want to put them in, make a hole with a toothpick first.

3 alternatives to octopus for takoyaki [Surprisingly delicious? Slightly different substitute ingredients for octopus]

1) Natto


Surprisingly delicious natto takoyaki.

It is best to season the natto well with the included sauce before adding it.

Natto also goes well with cheese and kimchi.

Personally, I recommend eating it with soy sauce mayonnaise.

If you like natto, give it a try!

2) Chocolate

Marble chocolate

Chocolate is popular among girls.

This is an ingredient that can be enjoyed like a dessert.

With the saltiness of the dough and the sweetness of the chocolate, you can experience the perfect sweet and sour taste.

3) Potato chips

Potato chips

Some people add potato chips instead of tenkasu.

The best one is consommé flavor, but you can also try other flavors.

Baby Star Ramen, with its crunchy texture, can also be a strange and delicious treat.

Because the dough has a simple flavor, it can be easily combined with a variety of ingredients, and the combinations of ingredients are even more endless.

By making takoyaki not only with octopus, but also with other ingredients, you will never get bored and can enjoy many different flavors!

At a takoyaki party, be sure to experiment with different ingredients to find your favorite classic ingredients.

Ingredients that should not be included in takoyak


Avocado goes well with all ingredients. It may sound like it would go well with takoyaki, but if you put it in the takoyaki, the oil will melt and turn to mush….

If you want to eat avocado with your takoyaki, I recommend putting it on afterwards.

Gummy bears

If chocolate is good, why not gummy bears? But the gummi melted completely inside and lost all its elasticity.

It’s definitely not a recommended food, but it might be a good punishment game.


  • Squid and shrimp can be tried without resistance instead of octopus in takoyaki. Although the texture is far away, seafood such as scallops and scallions can also be used to create a more flavorful taste than takoyaki with its broth.
  • Konnyaku is a cheap ingredient that is surprisingly close to the texture of octopus. It tastes even better if it is grilled and seasoned first. By combining it with beef tendon, you can enjoy the original rajio-yaki of takoyaki.
  • Other ingredients that are similar to the texture of octopus are eringi, chicken, and fish paste.
  • Popular ingredients for children include wieners, cheese, corn, and tuna. Any combination of these ingredients will make a delicious takoyaki.
  • Takoyaki batter also goes well with vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, and tomatoes. When you add tomatoes, be sure to try pizza-style takoyaki.
  • Avocado, which seems to go well with everything, will melt into a mush if you put it in, so we recommend putting it on afterwards.
  • When you have a takoyaki party at home, don’t limit yourself to octopus, find your favorite ingredients and have fun with them.