5 Substitutes for Confectionery Sweet Chocolate: Here are Some Recommended Alternatives

Confectioner’s sweet chocolate is used when making sweets.

The good thing about it is that it can be used to make sweets more authentic, but it is inevitably expensive.

So, there must be many people who want to use it but say, “I can’t afford to pay that much for chocolate…”.

However, if you can easily find a substitute for confectionery sweet chocolate that you have at home or can buy inexpensively, you can always make sweets easily and cost-effectively.

In this article, I will introduce you to some useful substitutes for confectionary sweet chocolate that you can use whenever you have a problem.

Characteristics of confectionary sweet chocolate and points of substitutes

First of all, confectioner’s sweet chocolate has the following characteristics

Characteristics of confectionary sweet chocolate

  • Rich in cocoa flavor.
  • Can be used to make shiny chocolate
  • Melts easily
  • Melts smoothly in the mouth
  • Hardens easily
  • Can be coated

Confectionery sweet chocolate is made according to strict international standards for the amount of oil and cocoa, so it is possible to make chocolate confections that are richer and melt in the mouth more easily than ordinary chocolate.

5 alternatives to confectionary sweet chocolate

Substitute for confectioner’s sweet chocolate 1: Bitter chocolate

Bitter chocolate

Although confectionery sweet chocolate is called “sweet,” you may find it bitter compared to the chocolate you are used to eating.

The reason for this is that it contains a large amount of cocoa and no milk or other milk ingredients.

Bitter chocolate has a moderate sweetness, but the bitterness of the cocoa can be felt, making it relatively similar to confectionery sweet chocolate.

It is important to note that it may be more difficult to make it smooth than confectionery sweet chocolate.

Substitute for confectioner’s sweet chocolate 2: Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is inexpensive, and it is very familiar chocolate.

It has a sweet taste, so it can be used as a substitute for confectionery sweet chocolate, as long as you are a little careful when using it.

When using it, the original sweetness is so strong that if you add sugar or other sweeteners in the same amount as in Resipi, you may end up with sweets that are too sweet.

Therefore, if you want to use sugar or honey in your sweets, reduce the amount slightly. This way, you will be able to make chocolate candy that is not too sweet.

Another point to note is that milk chocolate makes it difficult to detect the flavor of cacao, so it may not be suitable for making sweets that require a strong aroma or flavor of cacao.

Confectionery sweet chocolate substitute 3: Pure cocoa

Pure cocoa

If you want to make chocolate-flavored sweets without the hassle of melting them. In this case, pure cocoa, which has a strong cocoa flavor and no sweetness, can be used to make chocolate-flavored sweets easily.

Since it is in powder form, there is no need to melt it by boiling water, and it can be easily added to baked goods to give them a chocolate flavor.

Pure cocoa has no sweetness, so if you only lick pure cocoa, you may find it quite bitter, but pure cocoa is made from cocoa butter.

Although the name of this cocoa butter is different, it is the same as the cocoa butter used in confectionery sweet chocolate, so you can get the same flavor as when you use confectionary sweet chocolate.

It is important to note that pure cocoa does not contain any coagulating elements, so it is not suitable for making regular chilled hardening chocolate.

Substitute for confectionery sweet chocolate 4: Mixed cocoa

Mixed cocoa

If you want to make delicious baked goods with a strong cocoa flavor, you can mix cocoa with something you have around the house.

Things to prepare

  • ✔ 15g pure cocoa
  • ✔ Sugar 25g
  • ✔ Milk 10g
  • ✔ Vegetable oil (or butter) 10g


  1. Mix all ingredients except cocoa in a bowl.
  2. Fill the bowl with enough water to cover the bottom of the bowl and bring to a boil.
  3. Heat the ingredients in boiling water by boiling water.
  4. Once warmed, mix in a small amount of cocoa.

Use pure cocoa with a strong cocoa aroma instead of sweet cocoa to get a flavor closer to that of confectionery sweet chocolate.

The milk can also be soy milk or low-fat milk, so you can make it according to your preference.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no hardening factor, so the result will be more like chocolate cream.

Confectionery sweet chocolate substitute 5: Carob


Carob is a chocolate substitute that people with chocolate allergies can safely eat.

It does not contain cocoa, which is a source of allergies, and uses beans called carob (locust beans), so people who are usually allergic to chocolate can eat it without worry.

The carob is available in powdered and chip types, so you can use it according to your needs.

Although it doesn’t have the flavor of cocoa, it has a moderate sweetness and a gentle bitterness, making it an easy substitute for people who don’t like bitter chocolate.

Also, it can be eaten as it is, but it also has the property of melting and hardening, so it can be used in a variety of chocolate confections.

One of the disadvantages is that it is not readily available in supermarkets, so you need to buy it from specialty stores or on the Internet.


  • ✔ International standards are strictly enforced for confectionery sweet chocolate.
  • ✔ Substitutes that are close to the flavor and bitterness of cocoa can be used.
  • ✔ Bitter chocolate is inferior in flavor, but has a bitter taste and can be easily substituted.
  • ✔ Milk chocolate can also be used as a substitute, although the sweetness needs to be adjusted.
  • ✔ Pure cocoa can be used for baked goods to enjoy the flavor of cocoa.
  • ✔ The chocolate paste can be made by adding more pure cocoa.
  • ✔ Carob, a famous chocolate substitute, looks and tastes similar to chocolate.