4 Substitutes for Paprika. Here Are the Alternatives!

4 substitutes for paprika

paprika is known for its bright red color.

paprika is used to make salads, cabbage rolls, and soups red.

But even if you see paprika listed as an ingredient in a recipe you’re trying to make, you may not know what to do with it and decide not to buy it.

If this is the case, there are alternatives to paprika that you can use.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most useful substitutes for a paprika that you can use when you’re in a pinch, so please take a look!

What is Paprika? Characteristics and Role

what is paprika powder

paprika is a spice made from dried paprika in powder form.

The paprika is said to have originated in Hungary, and many traditional Hungarian dishes use paprika.

For example, there is a soup called gyás, which is made by stewing beef and onions, paprika chicken with chicken and onions and tomatoes, and cabbage rolls with cabbage and meat.

paprika is also used in Spanish dishes, such as Galician-style octopus and salami.

Paprika is a member of the Capsicum family, but it does not have the pungent heat of the chili. It is rather bitter and has a slightly sour taste.

paprika is used in two main ways.

It is…

The paprika can be used to add red color to dishes and to add paprika nutrition.

The redder a dish looks, the more appetizing it is.

paprika also contains many nutrients such as vitamins, iron, and potassium which are essential for beauty. paprika is particularly rich in B vitamins, which are believed to help boost metabolism.

It also contains iron, which helps to prevent anemia and metabolizes protein, so it is good for weight loss and beauty.

Four Alternatives to Paprika

Paprika substitute 1: Chilli powder

chilli powder

Like the paprika, chili powder is red.

Chilli powder is a blend of chilies and a variety of other spices.

Specifically, it is a mix of cumin, paprika, oregano, and garlic.

It also contains paprika, which has a similar flavor.


This spice is like a Western-style shichimi pepper and has many uses, such as in stir-fries, stews, and fried foods.

Chilli powder has a more pronounced chili spiciness than paprika, but the spices can add flavor.

Chilli powder is a good substitute for spicy flavors in many dishes.

(Incidentally, there is another spice similar to chili powder, chili pepper, but it is not the same thing.)

Paprika substitute 2: Tomato powder

tomato powder

Tomato powder is made by drying tomatoes and grinding them into a powder.

It is red and has no pungent taste, so can be used as a substitute for paprika.

Like the paprika, it can be sprinkled over food, in stir-fries, fried foods, salads, or as a finishing touch to sweets.

It adds a hint of sourness and sweetness to tomatoes and can be used in all kinds of dishes.

It also contains nutrients such as lycopene, iron, and vitamins, although the amount varies from product to product, making it ideal for adding nutrition to dishes.

However, as it is a more minor spice than paprika, it may be harder to find.

It also doesn’t have the same flavor as paprika and is harder to color.

Substitute for paprika 3: Dried tomatoes

dried tomatoes

As the name suggests, dried tomatoes are made from tomatoes that have been dried.

Drying the tomatoes increase their flavor and sweetness.

If you use dried tomatoes instead of paprika to add red, you can also add a fruity flavor.

Substitute for paprika 4: Kimchi stock

kimchi stock

Kimchi stock is used to make Chinese cabbage kimchi and kimchi fried rice.

It has a spicy taste but also adds a red color and can be used as a substitute for paprika.

Do I need to use paprika?

If you don’t have chili powder or tomato powder in the house, what can you do? But what if you don’t have chili powder or tomato powder?

If you don’t have any of these, don’t bother going out and buying them!

As we mentioned earlier, the paprika adds red color and nutrition to the dish.

However, unless a recipe calls for a lot of it, it has little effect on the flavor.

In other words, if you don’t use paprika, it won’t have much of an effect on the finished dish.

If you can’t find a substitute, or you don’t care about the color, then you can do without it.

Recipes Using Paprika

recipes using paprika

The paprika has an unconventional taste and can be used to add a reddish hue and nutrition.

You can sprinkle it on your everyday dishes to make healthier.

Paprika chicken

Blend the fried onions with paprika, add water and bring to a boil.

Add the chicken and vegetables and simmer, then mix in the sour cream and serve.

This is a classic Hungarian dish that goes well with both bread and rice.


  • Paprika is dried and powdered paprika, which is not as hot as chili but has a bittersweet and slightly sour taste.
  • The role of paprika is that it can add red color to food and it adds nutrients such as vitamins and iron.
  • The following four are recommended substitutes for paprika: Chilli powder, tomato powder, dried tomatoes, and kimchi powder.
  • If you don’t have a substitute, it will have little effect on the final product unless the recipe calls for a large amount of paprika.
  • We recommend using paprika in the following dishes: Guyaş and paprika chicken.