Can You Freeze the Almond Milk? Yes, Here’s How

almond milk

Almond milk provides a better taste than ordinary milk. And there are so many benefits of almond milk:

  1. Low in calories
  2. Low in sugars
  3. High in vitamin E
  4. Good source of calcium
  5. Often fortified with vitamin D
  6. Naturally lactose-free
  7. Dairy-free and vegan

However, the shelf life of almond milk is only 7-10 days after opening. many are wondering if it is well stored in the freezer.

How to Preserve Almond Milk? Can You Freeze It?

Here are two situations and tips for preserving commercially available almond milk:

When you didn’t open almond milk yet

It should be stored in the manner recommended by the manufacturer.

Most manufacturers instruct that the milk be stored in a shady and cool place (such as a pantry), but some specifically state that it needs to be stored in the refrigerator or elsewhere.

When almond milk is opened

Regardless of the type of almond milk you buy, temperature control is the key to keeping it fresh. When you first open the milk, it should be stored in the refrigerator, regardless of which company produced it.

Besides, you need to seal up almond milk any time after you open it

Producers say that the texture and consistency of almond milk are affected by freezing and thawing. This saying is definitely true. However, freezing is considered the only way to extend the shelf life of almond milk. There may be changes in the texture of milk, but its nutrients remain the same.

Some may be curious about how almond milk will be after freezing– The solid will separates from the liquid and looks pretty bad at first. Of course, you can read online that simply blending thawed nut milk will fix the texture. That is to some extent true. But you can still notice the difference. Besides, the thawed and blended milk is slightly watery and the texture is not uniform.

Therefore, you may not like the results so much if you usually drink directly from the glass. But if you add a little to your morning coffee, use it as a liquid base for smoothies, or need it for cooking or baking, it should work fine.

How to Freeze Almond Milk?

However, there are still many things to keep in mind when freezing almond milk. The steps required to successfully freeze and store almond milk are as follows:

1. Pour all almond milk into a container. An important thing to keep in mind when choosing a container is that it must be airtight to prevent milk from absorbing odors and flavors from the freezer.

2. Do not use the originally packaged almond milk as it is likely to swell in the freezer.

3. Remember to store only a small portion of the milk in each container.

4. Date the almond milk stored in the container. Keep yourself noted about how long it has been frozen.

How Can You Know If Almond Milk is Spoiled?

When the almond milk is unopened, you can enjoy it any time before the “best by” date. Of course, the milk will not go bad in a day or two from the above date.

If your almond milk is past its “expiration date”, you should always check to see if it’s bad before drinking a glass or two.

However, almond milk may no longer be good before the “expiration date” for many reasons, including improper storage. Here are some tips for checking if almond milk is bad by yourself:

1. The change in appearance and smell are the most obvious thing to detect. If the milk starts to smell bad, you should discard it right away.

2. Next, you can try to taste the milk. If the almond milk tastes bad, it’s probably unsuitable to drink anymore.

One of the common myths is that it’s bad to separate, but in reality “almond milk separates naturally,” says Carolyn, co-founder of New York City’s milk company NotMilk. “Shelf-stable foods and emulsifiers slow the separation of shelf-stable foods, but they’re still natural, normal, and not a sign of deterioration. Just shake the milk before use,” she says.


Some common questions about almond milk.

What is the time to freeze almond milk?

Almond milk purchased at stores can be preserved for more than 2 months. If you haven’t open it, you can store it just as the manufacturer has instructed.

However, for handmade almond milk, the best way to preserve is to freeze it, because this kind of almond milk usually does not contain preservatives.

Can almond milk be frozen in the original carton?

A better way is to save the milk to another container that is safe to use in the freezer, but the original carton is usually ok too. Also, don’t put unopened cartons with almond milk in the freezer as the carton will burst when liquid changes to solid ice.

Can you freeze almond milk yogurt?

Frozen almond yogurt is fine, just like regular yogurt, but it separates after thawing. The appearance and taste will change while the quality and nutrition remain. Due to the above reasons, frozen almond yogurt is best used in cooked recipes, with less noticeable texture changes.

Do you have any more tips in storing or freezing almond milk? 

Welcome to share your ideas here!