6 Substitutes for Cacao Powder: Which One Is the Best For You?

Cacao powder is not only used in baking, but is also attracting attention from a health perspective due to its rich nutritional content.

Cacao powder has no unnecessary sweetness and is packed with the original flavor and richness of cacao, making it the perfect powder for baking sweets of a higher grade.

Many people are captivated by sweets made with cacao powder, and many want to make them at home and eat them easily.

However, many people do not have cacao powder at home when they want to use it.

Oh no!!! I don’t have any cacao powder. What shall I do…😩😩😩

In this article, we will introduce “Cacao Powder Substitutes” that can help you in such times of need!

What is cacao powder?

Cacao powder is made by grinding cacao beans into a small powder without roasting.

This makes it a super powder that retains nutrients that would otherwise be lost in the heating process.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, it contains polyphenols and theobromine, which are beneficial for health and beauty.

Cacao powder has a very rich taste and allows you to enjoy the true flavor of cacao.

However, since it is neither roasted nor sweetened, it has a strong bitter taste, and some people may not like it as it is.

On the other hand, it also means that you can adjust the sweetness to your liking.

Cacao powder is a superfood full of nutrients, so in addition to using it in baking, some people may think, I want to eat it easily somehow!

However, if cacao powder is eaten as is, its bitterness and powdery taste can make it difficult to drink.

However, when eaten as it is, cacao powder is bitter and powdery, making it difficult to swallow and making you gag.

To consume cacao powder other than in sweets, you can add sugar or milk and drink it like cocoa, or eat it over yogurt or cereal.

4 great substitutes for cacao powder

Substitutes for cacao powder: High cacao chocolate boards

High cacao chocolate boards

High-cacao chocolate bars such as “70% cacao” and “95% cacao” can be used as a substitute for cacao powder by making some modifications.

As anyone who has eaten high-cacao chocolate bars knows, the higher the cacao percentage, the more bitter and rich the taste of the cacao, not sweet.

Those in the 70%s still have a chocolatey sweetness, but anything over 90% will have many people asking, “Is that really chocolate?” and will give a greater sense of cacao.

For this reason, when using cacao powder as a substitute, we recommend high cacao chocolate boards with a cacao content of over 90%.

If you shave this chocolate into small pieces with a knife, you can use it as a substitute for cacao powder!

Substitute for cacao powder: Cacao nibs

cacao nibs

Cacao nibs are a superfood that is gaining attention from people who are concerned about beauty and health.

Many women love them because of their antioxidant and skin beautifying effects.

Cacao nibs are crushed roasted cacao beans, and many people consume them in chip form by sprinkling them on yogurt or cereal.

Cacao nibs can also be used as a substitute for cacao powder with just a few simple additions.

Cacao nibs are in chip form, so when using them as a substitute for cacao powder, it is best to pulverize them in a food processor before using them.

The bitter richness takes the place of cocoa powder.

Substitutes for cacao powder: Cacao mass

Cacao mass

Cacao mass, made by roasting and grinding cacao beans, can be used as a substitute for cacao powder.

Cacao mass is the base of chocolate, to which cacao butter and sugar can be added to make sweet chocolate.

However, cacao mass alone is very bitter.

It is very easy to use in baking and should be melted to make a paste before use.

Although the shape is different, it can be used as a proper substitute.

Substitute for cacao powder: Carob powder

Carob powder

Carob powder, sometimes used as a substitute for cocoa powder, can in some cases be substituted for cocoa powder.

Carob is a member of the legume family called locust bean, which has attracted attention from health-conscious people because it is rich in nutrients and caffeine-free.

It has a flavor similar to cacao and is a good choice for making diet snacks for those who want something chocolate flavored but are concerned about calories.

Carob powder, however, has a sweet taste of its own, so recipes are limited when using it as a substitute for cacao powder.

If you plan to add sweetness to the recipe later, you can use carob powder.


✔ Cacao powder is a super powder made by grinding cacao beans into small pieces without roasting, leaving nutrients that are lost in the heating process intact.

✔ Cacao powder is difficult to eat as it is, so except for use in sweets, you can drink it like cocoa or eat it over yogurt or cereals.

✔ Cacao powder and cocoa powder have differences in manufacturing process, but they are the same cacao bean powder, so they can be used as substitutes depending on how they are used.

✔ The following items are recommended as substitutes for cacao powder.

[High cacao board chocolate, cacao nibs, cacao mass, carob powder, etc.