Potato Salad Ham Substitutes: Here are Some Recommended Alternatives

Potato salad is a handy thing to have when you are short of one dish.

When you make potato salad, it tastes even better if you have ham in it, doesn’t it?

But when you don’t have any ham in the fridge, have you ever wondered, “What should I do?

Oh no! I don’t have any ham. What should I do?

It can be a hassle to go out of your way to buy just ham…

In such a situation, it is very helpful to know what you can substitute for ham in potato salad.

So, in this article, I will introduce you to “substitutes for ham in potato salad”.

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The Role of Ham in Potato Salad

The role of ham in making potato salad is to “add depth of flavor through the umami of amino acids.

This is because adding protein increases the flavor component, so the role of ham is important.

Also, cutting the ham into strips makes it look more attractive, and adding ham in many ways makes the potato salad look more substantial.

Using ham to make potato salad will give it a tighter flavor, and it’s full of flavor enhancers that make it even better!

Points to consider when choosing a substitute

I recommend choosing a substitute for ham in potato salad that has a thicker texture due to its amino acid flavor.

The amino acids in ham are proteins, so you may want to check your refrigerator first to see if there are any proteins in there.

Even if you don’t have ham, you can use it as a substitute if you have protein, so make good use of it to add flavor and make a delicious potato salad.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favorite ham substitutes!

6 substitutes to ham in potato salad

Substitute for ham in potato salad 1: Boiled Egg

Boiled Egg

You can make a rich potato salad with a lot of boiled eggs.

Boiled eggs are rich in protein and are good for your diet.

This is a great way to make potato salad richer and more delicious.

Substitute to ham in potato salad 2: Chicken claws

Chicken claws

Boiled chicken claws can be easily broken up by hand and are a convenient ingredient to have on hand.

They are high in vitamins and minerals such as niacin and selenium, are high in protein, and pair well with potato salad to bring out the flavor.

Chicken scissors, which can easily become dry, can be made into a delicious potato salad by using mayonnaise to give it a moist and soft texture.

Substitute to ham in potato salad 3: Fish sausage

Fish sausage

Fish meat sausage is a low-calorie food with excellent nutritional value.

Since it is made from fish meat, it has recently been given a variety of nutritional benefits, including DHA and calcium.

Fish sausage contains a moderate amount of salt, so if you add it to potato salad, the moderate salt content will stimulate your appetite.

When using fish sausage, it is recommended to cut it into chunks.

The fish sausage helps to reduce calories, and the sourness of the mayonnaise helps to mellow and integrate the overall flavor.

Substitute to ham in potato salad 4: Bacon


When using bacon in potato salad, it is recommended to cook the bacon to a crisp before using it because it has a crunchy texture and moderate salt content.

Bacon is also a very nutritious food because it contains arachidonic acid, which promotes brain activity, carnosine, which is effective in relieving fatigue and anti-aging, and leucine, which is effective in anti-stress and muscle maintenance.

Bacon is also flavorful, so adding it to your potato salad just adds to the flavor!

Substitute to ham in potato salad 5: Tuna


Many families keep canned tuna at home.

It is useful in quite a variety of dishes, nutritious, and great for potato salad.

It is high in protein, low in sugar, inexpensive, and can be used without heating.

Tuna has a light flavor and can be used in a wide range of dishes. It contains high-quality protein, vitamin B, EPA, and DHA, and has an excellent nutritional balance.

There is a wide variety of tuna available, so you can choose the one that best suits your family’s taste.

It’s also a perfect combination of potato salad!

Substitute to ham in potato salad 6: Sausage


Many families have sausage in their refrigerators.

Using boiled sausage gives it a deeper flavor.

Since the sausage is often made from pork and contains salt during the manufacturing process, it is best to adjust the flavor of the potato salad to be a little lighter due to the salt content of the sausage.

When using sausage as a substitute, cut it into 7-8mm thick slices.

Cautions and unsuitable substitutes

Pork and beef are unsuitable substitutes for ham in potato salad.

Pork, for example, even if fried or boiled, will have too much meat flavor and will not taste good in potato salad.

For potato salad, you can use processed foods such as ham, sausage, or bacon to enhance the flavor.

Meats such as pork and beef are not good substitutes.

How to make a good potato salad?

Since potatoes can be watery, we recommend the following tips for boiling potatoes.

Boil the potatoes slowly at a low temperature without peeling them.

Boiling potatoes at a low temperature allow the enzyme amylase to break down the starch and increase the sweetness.

Also, boiling the potatoes with the skin on will prevent the nutrients from leaking out.

The result is a delicious, crunchy potato salad that will satisfy your craving for potatoes.

Delicious potatoes can be made without getting soggy, so please try!


  • By adding ham to the potato salad, the taste will be thicker and more delicious with the umami of amino acids.
  • The key is to use protein-rich ingredients instead of ham.
  • You can make a rich potato salad with a lot of boiled eggs.
  • Boiled chicken claws are high in niacin and selenium in vitamins and minerals, and high in protein, making them a perfect match for potato salad.
  • Fish sausage is low in calories, high in nutritional value, and contains a moderate amount of salt, which enhances the flavor.
  • Grilling bacon to a crisp also accentuates the flavor and makes it more delicious.
  • Tuna can be used as is with no cooking required and is high in protein and low in carbohydrates to reduce calories.
  • Wiener sausage is rich in essential amino acids and high in nutrients such as vitamins B2 and B1 and is easy to use in potato salad.