Is Lactic Acid Vegan? From Plants or Animals?

Yes, I know you are a vegetarian and may have been confused by the flood of information on the Internet. You find lactic acid in the ingredient list of the food, but you are not sure if it is vegan? Some articles say yes, it is vegan, and some articles say it’s not…

Well, you don’t have to worry about being misled anymore. I will explain whether lactic acid is vegan or not in detail in this article.

Hate big talk? It doesn’t matter, now, let me tell you the correct answer that I have determined after careful research. Yes, it is vegan.

does any kind of lactic acid come from animals?
What is the relationship between lactic acid and yogurt?
Yogurt is non-vegetarian, so why is lactic acid vegetarian?

Please let me elaborate.

What is Lactic Acid?

First, let us clarify a concept, what is lactic acid?

Seeing its name, we can easily think of lactic acid bacteria, then yogurt, and then milk. So is lactic acid related to dairy products? Is it extracted from milk?

No, you are completely wrong. Lactic acid has nothing to do with milk.

It is a compound with the molecular formula C3H6O3. Lactic acid is the final product of the anaerobic decomposition of sugar, which is produced by reducing pyruvate under the action of lactate dehydrogenase. Pure lactic acid is a colorless liquid. We can find lactic acid in all kinds of food.

1) Lactic acid has a strong antiseptic and fresh-keeping effect and can be used in fruit wine, beverages, meat, food, pastry making, vegetable (olive, cucumber, pearl onion) pickling, canning processing, grain processing, and fruit storage. It has the functions of adjusting pH value, inhibiting bacteria, extending shelf life, seasoning, maintaining food color, and improving product quality.

2) In terms of seasonings, the unique sour taste of lactic acid can increase the deliciousness of food. Adding a certain amount of lactic acid to salads, soy sauce, vinegar, and other seasonings can maintain the stability and safety of the microorganisms in the product, and at the same time make the taste milder.

3) Because of the mild sourness of lactic acid, it can also be used as the first sour agent for formulated soft drinks and juices.

4) When brewing beer, adding an appropriate amount of lactic acid can not only adjust the pH value to promote saccharification, is beneficial to yeast fermentation, improve the beer quality, but also increase the beer flavor and extend the shelf life. Used in white wine, sake, and fruit wine to adjust pH, prevent the growth of bacteria, enhance sourness and refreshing taste; buffered lactic acid can be used in hard candies, fruit candies, and other confectionery products with moderate acidity and low sugar conversion rate. The lactic acid powder can be used for powdering all kinds of candies, as a powdered sour agent.

5) Natural lactic acid is a natural and inherent ingredient in dairy products. It has the taste of dairy products and a good antimicrobial effect. It has been widely used in foods such as blended yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc., and has become a popular sour agent for dairy products.

6) Lactic acid powder is a direct acidity regulator used in the production of buckwheat. Lactic acid is a kind of naturally fermented acid, so it can make bread have a unique taste; as a natural sourness regulator, lactic acid is used for flavoring and antibacterial effect in baked foods such as bread, cakes, biscuits, and can improve the quality of food and maintain the color, Extend the shelf life.

Is Lactic Acid Vegan?

It must be mentioned that the source of lactic acid is not only plants but also animals. But the lactic acid in the food ingredient list is all extracted from sugar, which is obtained from plants. Because the cost of extracting lactic acid from animals is much higher than extracting from plants, no one would do that.

The plants that extract lactic acid are generally starch-rich products such as corn, rice, and sweet potatoes.

Therefore, the lactic acid in food ingredients is vegan.

Animal Lactic Acid

Have you ever felt muscle soreness after a lot of exercises? That’s right, this is what lactic acid does in your body.

For the human body, lactic acid is one of the substances that cause fatigue, and it is the waste produced by the body in the process of maintaining body temperature and generating heat.

Most of the energy our bodies need to survive comes from sugar. The blood sends glucose to various organs to burn as needed to generate heat. In this process, water, carbon dioxide, and pyruvate are produced, and pyruvate and hydrogen combine to produce lactic acid.

If the body’s energy metabolism can proceed normally without accumulation, it will be carried by the blood to the liver, where it will be further decomposed into water and carbon dioxide to generate heat, and fatigue will be eliminated.

In addition to humans, other animals also produce lactic acid in their bodies, and dairy products also contain lactic acid. Dairy products are not vegan, so there is no need to pay attention to the lactic acid here.

Compared to obtaining lactic acid from plants, the cost of obtaining lactic acid from animals is much higher, so no factory will do this.

Sum Up

The lactic acid in food is vegan because it is all extracted from plants. Of course, lactic acid can also be extracted from animals, but due to the high cost, no factory will do this.

Have you figured it out now?