Graham Cracker Substitutes: 7 Best Alternatives You Can Choose

Rare cheesecake is relatively easy to make, and even those who are not good at cooking can try it.

When making rare cheesecake, you may have seen “graham crackers” written in the recipe.

However, since graham crackers are not a major ingredient in Japan, they are hard to find in limited places.

Oh no! I can’t get graham crackers. I don’t know what to do…

In such a case, it would be convenient if you could find a substitute for graham crackers that you have at home or can get at the supermarket.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to “substitutes for graham crackers”.

What are graham crackers? Their Role in Cheesecake

Graham crackers are crackers made with whole wheat flour.

They have the following roles when used in rare cheesecakes.

Role of graham crackers

Makes the cheesecake less likely to fall apart

Rare cheesecake is a chilled and hardened type of cake, so it will inevitably end up soft. Therefore, if there is no base for the cake, it will easily fall apart when unmolded.

Graham crackers can help prevent this from happening.

Reduce the sticky taste of cheese

Since graham crackers are filled with cream cheese, they have a rich flavor.

The richness of the cheese is what makes it so tasty, but if you eat a lot of it, it can start to get soggy.

However, by using graham crackers as the base, you can reduce the richness of the cream cheese, so you can enjoy it all the way through without feeling soggy.

Improves the texture

Graham crackers add a crunchy texture to the cheesecake, making it more delicious.

Compared to regular crackers, graham crackers are more nutritious, savory, and have a crunchy texture.

7 substitutes to graham crackers

As I mentioned earlier, graham crackers are hard to find unless you go to a store that deals in imported foods.

So here are some substitutes that will serve the same purpose even if you can’t get graham crackers.

Substitute for graham crackers 1: Biscuits


Cookies are a very popular substitute for graham crackers.

Although they are not as good as graham crackers, they have a crunchy texture and do not turn to mush when mixed with butter.

Therefore, they can be used as a base for rare cheesecakes without feeling uncomfortable.

Biscuits can also be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores, and many of them are inexpensive and come in a box, making them a very cost-effective substitute.

One thing to note is that cookies also vary in sweetness depending on the manufacturer and type, so it is recommended to use cookies that are not sweetened as much as possible.

Rare cheesecake has a strong sweetness, so if you use a sweet biscuit for the base, it will not reduce the bitterness but make it more bitter.

If you can only find sweet cookies, you may need to reduce the amount of sugar added to the cheesecake.

Substitute for graham crackers 2: Cookies


If you prefer a moist texture to a crumbly one, you can use cookies as a substitute to make an overall moist rare cheesecake.

In addition to butter cookies, you can use cookies with chocolate chips or dried fruits to make a rare cheesecake that looks and tastes different from the usual.

One thing to keep in mind when using cookies is that the cookies themselves are sweet, so “try to keep the sweetness of the rare cheesecake a bit low” and “do not use too much butter when making the base.

The cookies themselves are made with butter, so adding more butter will spoil the taste of the cheesecake and make it more buttery.

Also, the calorie count is quite high, so be careful.

Substitute for graham crackers 3: Oreos


I’m tired of the usual rare cheesecake! I want to make something different from the others! How about using Oreos as a substitute for graham crackers?

The black color of the Oreos and the white color of the rare cheesecake make it look stylish, and the flavor of the Oreos adds to the sweet and rich taste of the rare cheesecake.

When using Oreos, remove all the cream from the center of the cake before crumbling it to reduce the sweetness a little, so it will not be as bad as with cream.

Also, leaving the cream in the crumbles will give the cake a firm base without the need for butter.

However, you will end up with a very sweet rare cheesecake, so I would recommend using much less sugar in the rare cheesecake and a little more lemon.

Oreos are a relatively sweet treat, so be aware that the rare cheesecake will be a bit heavy to eat in one sitting.

Substitute for graham crackers 4: Crackers


Crackers have a moderate sweetness and a light flavor, so they can be used as a base for rare cheesecake without being overpowering.

The good news is that some manufacturers have a savory flavor, so you can create a flavor similar to when you use graham crackers.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of them have salt on them, so they may not be suitable for people who don’t like sweet and salty flavors.

Also, most flour crackers are rather crispy and thin, so if you crush them too much, they will become powdery and difficult to harden when mixed with butter.

For this reason, it is recommended to crush the crackers roughly.

Substitute for graham crackers 5: Tart dough

Tart dough

The tart dough is difficult to make by yourself, but nowadays it is relatively easy to find in the confectionery section of supermarkets, as it is sold in a baked state.

Once you have made only the rare cheesecake part, all you have to do is pour it and let it harden, so you can skip the process of crushing graham crackers and mixing them with butter to harden.

The best part is that you can make it as soon as you feel like making it, making it even easier.

The tart dough that is available on the market comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and ingredients, so making it as a small gift or for a party is also a good idea because it looks pretty!

Substitute for graham crackers 6: Sponge cake

Sponge cake

If you don’t like the crunchy texture of cookies and crackers, but want to eat rare cheesecake, you can use sponge cake. If you don’t like the crunchy texture of biscuits or crackers, but want to eat rare cheesecake, you can use a sponge to make a cake-like rare cheesecake that is very satisfying to eat.

Of course, you can bake your sponge cake with the sweetness you like, but if you want to make it quickly and easily, you can use store-bought sponge cake for a much shorter time.

When using sponge cakes, you cannot use them as they are, so you need to cut them to the desired thickness.

Most commercial sponge cakes come pre-cut into two or three equal pieces, so you don’t have to cut it yourself and you don’t have to worry about it being slanted.

If you have leftover sponge cake, you can tear it into small pieces to make tiramisu, or break it up to make cake pops.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sponge cake is sweetened, so you may need to make the rare cheesecake less sweet.

Also, the use of sponge cake will increase the calorie content for a more satisfying meal.

Substitute for graham crackers 7: Granola


Granola is popular breakfast food in Japan as well as overseas.

By using granola with lots of dried fruits and other ingredients, you can make a lovely rare cheesecake that looks like something you would find in a stylish cafe.

In addition to dried fruits, granola also contains many healthy grains, making it a nutritious and healthy substitute.

If you use granola with fruit, you can enjoy different flavors of fruit depending on where you eat it.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though it is good for you, it is not low in calories, so eating too much of it can cause you to gain weight.

Also, depending on the manufacturer and the type of butter, it may be difficult to make a solid base with just butter, so if it doesn’t stick well, you can mix marshmallows with melted butter to make it easier to stick.

In that case, the sweetness will also be strong, so it is recommended to moderate the sweetness of the rare cheesecake.


  • Graham crackers help prevent the rare cheesecake from falling apart.
  • Graham crackers can help reduce the tastiness of sweet cheesecake.
  • Biscuits and crackers are easy to use as substitutes.
  • Cookies or Oreos can be used to make a rare cheesecake with a moist base.
  • Use store-bought tart dough to shorten the time and make it easier to make.
  • Sponge cakes are very filling and high in calories.
  • Granola can be used to make a tasty and stylish cake.