Garlic Powder Substitutes: Here are 8 alternatives! Recommended Substitutes!

Garlic powder is used for food preparation and seasoning.

It saves time because it can be used with one hand without touching raw garlic, and there is no need to worry about the garlic smell on hands, cutting boards, or other surfaces.

It is such a convenient seasoning, but many people may have experienced that “I ran out of garlic powder when I was about to use it! I’m sure many people had had the experience of running out of garlic seasoning when they were about to use it.

Garlic Powder

At such times, if you can easily substitute garlic powder with something you have at home, there is no need to rush out to the store to buy it, and you can enjoy cooking at any time.

This time, we would like to introduce “Garlic Powder Substitutes” that can be useful in times of need.

8 garlic powder substitutes

Substitute for garlic powder: Grated garlic

Grated garlic

A surefire substitute for garlic powder is to use grated garlic.

Unlike dried garlic powder, freshly grated garlic has a more robust garlic flavor and is recommended for dishes with a strong garlic taste.

One thing to note is that, unlike garlic powder, grated garlic has a high water content, so care should be taken not to make it soggy.

Because of its high water content, it tends to clump together, so if you want to sprinkle it evenly, you will need to rub it in or dissolve it in other liquid seasonings.

Garlic Powder Substitute: Chives


Chives, with their distinctive flavor and aroma, are a member of the same lily family as garlic, so their smell is very close to that of garlic and can easily be used as an ingredient in place of garlic.

Chopped fresh chives can be used to give it a strong flavor as well.

However, freeze-dried chives are more similar to garlic powder, although the aroma and other characteristics are a little less intense.

One thing to note is that chives have a “green” smell different from garlic.

Garlic Powder Substitute: Fried Garlic

Fried Garlic

Fried garlic can be used as a substitute for garlic powder to bring out even more flavor since it has been fried in oil, which removes excess moisture and adds a savory flavor.

Most fried garlic is sliced, so it can be used as is, or if you have a mortar and pestle at home, you can easily make garlic powder by grinding it down.

One thing to note is that since the garlic is fried in oil, the flavor will be slightly different from that of regular garlic powder.

Garlic Powder Substitute: Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is also recommended if you want to use garlic powder in baked or stewed dishes.

When using garlic oil, use it as you would when using regular oil, so there is no need to make any adjustments, and you can cook as usual, making it easy to incorporate.

One thing to note is that some products are sold with a strong garlic flavor, so if used in large quantities, the strong garlic flavor may come out in full.

Since most products are flavored with garlic, the olive oil aroma may also be overpowering.

Garlic Powder Substitute: Garlic Sprouts

Garlic Sprouts

Garlic sprouts have a strong garlic aroma and are a good substitute when you want to add garlic flavor.

They are not as pungent as regular garlic, and their aroma is not too strong, so they can be used to make dishes that even those who do not like garlic can quickly eat.

It also has a crunchy texture, so it can be used in stir-fries and other dishes and enjoyed as an ingredient.

One thing to note is that it is not in powder form like garlic powder, so it cannot be sprinkled evenly over the entire dish.

Garlic Powder Substitute: Ginger


Ginger has a slightly tangy and spicy flavor, similar to garlic, and can be used as a substitute for garlic powder.

When using it, it can be grated or chopped, of course, but for a more robust flavor, sliced garlic can also be added to the garlic powder to remove the smell while adding a solid aroma.

It is important to note that although it can produce a flavor similar to that of garlic, it does not entirely match the taste of garlic powder.

Garlic Powder Substitute: Dressing


A dressing called “Umashio Dressing” is sold at supermarkets and 100-yen stores.

Although this dressing is called “salt dressing,” it has a robust garlic flavor, so you can easily add garlic flavor by using a small amount in dishes where you want garlic flavor.

Because it is liquid, it can be poured directly over meat and rubbed in or added to stir-fries, potato salad, and other dishes to add garlic flavor.

Also, since it is a dressing, it already contains salt and pepper, so it is possible to season almost any dish with just one bottle of this dressing.

One thing to note is that because it is in liquid form, it has high water content, so if you use a lot of it, it may become soggy in some dishes.

Garlic Powder Substitute: Fried Onions

Fried Onions

Fried onions are similar to garlic because onions are a member of the lily family, the same family as garlic, and can be substituted for garlic powder in the same role.

Garlic powder can be used as it is without any problem, but if you want it to be spread evenly over foodstuffs, you should grind it in a mortar and pestle.

It is important to note that although they are members of the same lily family, they have entirely different flavors.

Therefore, it is not recommended that you want to add the flavor of garlic.


  • Grated garlic is recommended for aromatization, although you need to be careful about the amount of water.
  • Chives, which belong to the lily family, can be used to give a flavor similar to garlic.
  • Fried garlic can be finely powdered to make homemade garlic powder.
  • Garlic oil can be used to flavor garlic while cooking.
  • For a milder flavor, garlic sprouts can be used.
  • If you want to remove the smell, ginger can be used to remove the smell.
  • Be careful with the water content, but inexpensive dressings are easy to use up and convenient.
  • Fried onions can be substituted as a primer, although it is difficult to get the garlic flavor.