10 Best Coconut Milk Substitutes: Which One Is The Best To You?

Coconut milk is a famous ingredient in Thai dishes such as Thai curry and Tom Yum Kung.

Coconut milk is also a bit rare, so you may not find it in your local supermarket. That’s not always the case, is it?

Oh no! I don’t have any coconut milk. What should I do?

In such a case, what can be used as a substitute for coconut milk?

In this article, I’ll introduce you to some useful “coconut milk substitutes” that you can use when you’re in trouble!

What is coconut milk? Characteristics

Coconut milk is a “white milky liquid” made from the solid embryo that forms inside the mature coconut seed.

It is refined by finely grating the solid embryo, boiling it with water over low heat, backing it up, and then squeezing it with coarse gauze.

If you buy it in cans, it is best to shake the can well before opening it, as some of it may be solidified when opened.

This is different from coconut juice, which is a watery liquid that collects in the center of the coconut seed.

Coconut juice that has been processed into frozen products retains its flavor better than canned products, making it more suitable for cooking where the unique flavor is important.

Once the package is opened, it is necessary to use it up as soon as possible, whether it is canned or frozen. Be careful not to leave it open at room temperature, as it will quickly become damaged.

Coconut milk is a food that can be consumed and eaten by people with milk allergies because it does not contain milk.

10 best coconut milk substitutes

Coconut milk substitute 1: Yogurt

Yogurt + Fresh Cream

Yogurt, which looks very similar to coconut milk, but also has a slight sourness, is a good substitute.

The finished product has a slightly lighter feel than the actual coconut milk used in the dish.

If you don’t like the sweetness of coconut milk, you may want to try it.

Yogurt can be found at any supermarket or convenience store, so it is easy to use.

Also, when using it for cooking, it is preferable to use unsweetened yogurt rather than one that contains sugar.

After opening the package, store it in the refrigerator and use it up as soon as possible, regardless of the expiration date!

Coconut milk substitute 2: Almond milk

almond milk

Almond milk is often sold in supermarkets these days.

It can also be used as a substitute.

As the name suggests, this milk is made from almonds, but the taste of almonds is very strong, so it may not be suitable for some dishes you want to make.

If you use it as a substitute, it’s best to use it in small amounts!

Coconut milk substitute 3: Soy milk

Soy milk

Soy milk is a substitute that can be easily found in general supermarkets and convenience stores.

However, when using it for cooking, it is necessary to choose one that has not been flavored for drinking.

Coconut milk is one of the recommended substitutes because it has few peculiarities and is relatively inexpensive.

Substitute for coconut milk 4: Rice milk

Rice Milk

Rice milk is made from rice, and can also be used as a substitute.

Rice milk has a subtle sweetness similar to that of amazake (sweetened rice wine) and has no particular peculiarity, so it can be substituted for a variety of dishes.

It is likely to be available in supermarkets that sell allergy-friendly foods, but it may not be available in general supermarkets.

Coconut milk substitute 5: Oats milk

Oats Milk

Oats milk is made from oats, but it is a bit rare.

Oats milk is made from oats, but it is a bit rare, so it may be a little hard to find, but if you have a department store nearby, it may be easier to find.

Oats are often used to make granola and other cereals.

It’s not very peculiar, so it can be substituted in a variety of dishes!

Coconut milk substitute 6: Milk


Milk can also be used as a substitute.

If you want a lighter taste, or if you are concerned about calories and fat content, you can try using low-fat milk.

If you want a richer flavor, you can add cream or sour cream.

If you want to add richness, add cream or sour cream.

Substitute for coconut milk 7: Fresh cream

Fresh cream

Coconut milk itself comes in a variety of flavors, some relatively light and some almost like thick cream.

If you prefer something thicker, you can substitute it by adding fresh cream.

Milk is not rich enough! This is recommended if you feel that milk is not rich enough!

It is not often found in convenience stores, but it is a relatively easy substitute to find in supermarkets.

Coconut milk substitute 8: Sour cream

sour cream

Sour cream is a kind of thick yogurt made from fresh cream, not milk.

It can be used as a substitute, but it is creamy, not liquid, so if you don’t want it to be thick, you will need to add it little by little.

It is thicker and richer, but it is also higher in calories, so you need to be careful about that.

It is best to use it in combination with milk or yogurt.

Sour cream is not so rare these days, but it is often not available in small supermarkets and convenience stores.

Since it is not a completely fermented food, it is important to store it in the refrigerator after opening the package and use it up as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.

Coconut milk substitutes (9-10) Everyone’s ideas

  • Coconut juice
  • Coconut Powder


  • Coconut milk is made by boiling, backing, and squeezing the solid embryo milk in coconut seeds.
  • The following 10 substitutes for coconut milk are recommended. Yogurt, almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, oats milk, milk, cream, sour cream, coconut juice, coconut powder.
  • Soy milk (soy milk) cannot be used for people with soy allergies.
  • Oats milk cannot be used for people who are allergic to oats.
  • Yogurt, milk, cream, and sour cream cannot be used by people with milk allergies.
  • It is possible to use a combination of several substitutes to achieve a more preferred taste.