Best 14 Caper Substitutes: Which One Is The Best For You?

Capers are used as a garnish for dishes and as an ingredient in tartar sauce.

It has a sour taste and can add an accent to dishes.

Since capers are not a familiar ingredient, you may not be able to find them in your local supermarket.

I can’t find capers. What should I do…?

In such a case, I recommend using an alternative to capers.

This time, I’m going to show you some foods that you can use instead of capers (capers), so please check them out!

What kind of food are capers?

Capers are a food made from the buds of a tree native to the Mediterranean coast and other parts of the world.

Because they are pickled in vinegar, they have a sour and salty taste. It also has a slight bitterness to it, as it has a bitter and green smell before it is processed.

Some products are pickled in salt as well as in vinegar, and they can be used in different dishes.

Capers are not used as the main ingredient in a main dish or side dish, but rather as a complement.

Capers are used to marinating smoked salmon, sprinkle on top of aquapazza, and as a topping for Pescatore and arrabbiata, due to their crunchy texture and ability to soften the smell of fish and meat.

Capers can also be chopped and used as a topping for salads and sauces, making them a surprisingly versatile food!

I recommend these 14 substitutes for capers

Substitute for capers 1: Pickles

Pickled Leaf Mustard

Pickles are characterized by their light and refreshing flavor.

Pickles are made by marinating fruits and vegetables in vinegar and other ingredients, making them a perfect substitute for capers.

Vegetables used in pickles include cucumbers, olives, onions, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, lotus root, and celery.

Since they are easy to make at home, many families probably make them with their favorite vegetables.

If you want to use capers instead, I recommend olive pickles, which have a similar look and texture.

Of course, other vegetable pickles can be substituted, so try chopping them into small pieces and using them.

Substitute for capers 2: Sweet pickled rakkyo

Sweet Pickled Rakkyo

Sweet and sour pickled rakkyo is used as an accompaniment to curry.

The crispy texture and sweet and sour taste are the characteristics of this pickle.

Because it uses vinegar, the taste is similar to capers (capers).

If you don’t mind the difference in appearance, use sweet pickled rakkyo because you can chop it up and use it as a substitute.

If you don’t mind the different appearance, use sweet pickled rakkyo.

Substitute for capers 3: Lemon and onion

Lemon And Onion

Lemons are one of the most popular sour fruits.

It is a fruit that can be easily combined with Western-style dishes, so it is recommended as a substitute for capers.

To substitute lemon for capers, use chopped onions with a squeeze of lemon juice.

If you want to reduce the acidity, you can add just a little bit of lemon juice.

Substitute for capers 4: Green peas

Green peas

Green peas are characterized by their bright green color.

They can be used as a garnish or added to rice, fish, or meat dishes to add color.

Green peas are similar in shape and color to capers (capers), so they are a recommended substitute to bring the finished look closer.

However, since there is no sourness in the taste, you may want to adjust the taste by adding other seasonings.

Substitute for capers 5: Old pickled vegetables

Old Pickled Vegetables

Old pickled vegetables are those that have been slowly pickled for a long time.

It is said to have a beneficial effect on the intestines because it is fermented and the dietary fiber is condensed.

Old pickles are very salty, so it is recommended to remove the salt before using them.

To substitute capers (capers), chop them finely, soak them in water, and change the water several times.

When the salt level is to your liking, add it to your cooking.

Substitute for Capers 6: Pickled Takana

Pickled Takana

Pickled leaf mustard is the perfect accompaniment to Japanese dishes.

It has a crispy texture and can be used as a substitute for capers.

Takana zuke is a food made by pickling takana in salt. Since it is not pickled in vinegar, it is a good substitute for capers in salt.

Substitute for capers 7: Olives

Olive oil

Olives are used in food and cosmetics.

There are processed products such as salted or oiled olives, but they are also sold as pickles.

Olives have a slightly bitter and fruity taste and can be used as a substitute for capers (capers).

Green olives can be used as a substitute for capers because they look similar.

Substitute for capers 8: Jalapeno Pickle

Jalapeno Pickle

Jalapeño pickles have a tangy, pungent flavor.

Since they are pickled in vinegar, they have a similar taste to capers, making them a good substitute.

Jalapeño is a green chili pepper famous in Mexico and is an ingredient used to make green Tabasco.

Since it is a chili pepper, it is hot, but it is said to be milder than red chili peppers.

It adds a spiciness that capers don’t have, but if you don’t mind spicy food, you can substitute it without any problem.

Substitute for capers 9: pickled shiso nuts

Pickled Shiso Nuts

Pickled shiso nuts are characterized by their petite texture.

The leaves of shiso are often eaten, but the berries come from the ear that forms after the flowers bloom.

Pickled shiso nuts are used in a variety of dishes, sometimes with salt, soy sauce, or vinegar.

If you want to substitute capers (capers), pickled shiso nuts in vinegar is a good choice.

If you grow shiso at home, you can also make homemade pickled shiso nuts to use.

Substitute for capers 10: Herb salt

Herb Salt

Herb salt is a blend of herbs and salt.

It can be used as a substitute for capers, adding the fresh flavor of herbs and saltiness.

Since it can be used instead of salt, it is a seasoning that can be used in a variety of dishes.

However, keep in mind that it does not have the same texture as capers, nor can it be expected to take away the smell of fish or meat.

Substitute for capers 11: Chorogi


Chorogi is familiar with Osechi dishes.

It is famous for being pickled in plum vinegar, etc., and can be used as a substitute for capers.

Chorogi is a processed food made from the root of the perilla plant and is characterized by its crunchy texture.

Cut it into small pieces and add it to your dishes as a substitute for capers!

Substitute for capers 12: Dried plums

Dried Plums

Dried plums have a sour taste and are also a good substitute for capers.

If you use crunchy plums, you can also add texture.

Caper Substitute 13: Pickled Myoga

Pickled Myoga

Myoga is one of the summer vegetables. If you make it into a pickle, you can use it as a substitute for capers.

The refreshing flavor of myoga can be added, and it is also a great way to arrange dishes.

Substitute for capers 14: Pickled nasturtium buds

Pickled Nasturtium Buds

Nasturtium is the English name for goldenrod, a plant with orange and red flowers.

The flowers, as well as the stems, seeds, and buds of nasturtium, are edible.

Nasturtium buds pickled in vinegar are similar in texture to capers (capers) and can be substituted.


  • Capers are vinegar-soaked buds of a tree in the Cucurbitaceae family.
  • It is used as a garnish for smoked salmon, aquapazza, salads, and as an ingredient in sauces.
  • The following 14 are recommended substitutes for capers. [Pickles, sweet pickled rakkyo, lemons, green peas, old pickles, pickled takana, olives, pickled jalapeno, pickled shiso nuts, herb salt, chorogi, dried plums, pickled myoga, pickled nasturtium buds].