Can You Put Wax Paper in the Oven?

wax paper

Wax paper and cooking sheets are often sold next to each other, but don’t you wonder how to use them for different purposes?

Wax paper has a lot of cute patterns, and you may end up collecting them.

We compared wax paper and cooking sheets to find out how they are similar and how they are different.

We’ve also compiled a list of alternatives, so you can learn to use them differently!

Differences Between Wax Paper and Cooking Sheets and How They are Used

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Wax paper and cooking sheets are both made from glassine paper.

The difference between the two is the way the paper is processed.

Wax paper repels oil

Wax paper is made by soaking glassine paper in wax.

The wax is made of ingredients similar to those used in candles.

By soaking the paper in wax melted at 80 degrees Celsius, the paper does not soak up water and easily repels oil.

It is sold in many colorful and diverse patterns and is mainly used for wrapping paper for sweets.

In our house, instead of putting sweets directly on the plate, we put wax paper under the sweets.

This makes them look pretty and keeps the plate from getting sticky with oil from the sweets.

If you want to put fried foods in your lunch box, you can put wax paper on the bottom of the box to keep the oil from staining the lunch box. Wax paper with patterns and colors makes your lunch box more colorful and easier to wash (*^-^*).

You can also use your favorite pattern to wrap sandwiches or use them as dividers in your lunch box.

Wax paper can’t be used in the oven!

Wax paper is not suitable for high-temperature cooking or for placing food with high temperatures on it.

Wax paper is not suitable for high-temperature cooking or placing high-temperature food on it. The heat-resistant temperature of the soaked chemicals is 80 degrees Celsius, so if you use them in a high-temperature cooking environment such as an oven, the chemicals may melt.

If the chemicals start to melt, they may get on the food and cause it to burn, and there are concerns about health hazards.

Wax paper should not be used in the oven.

It is recommended to remove the ancestor heat and use it on cooled items.

Cooking sheets can be used in the oven or microwave.

Cooking sheets are manufactured by coating the surface of glassine paper with a chemical called silicone.

Like wax paper, it is easily repelled by water and oil.

The heat resistance temperature of silicone is 200-400 degrees, depending on the type.

Therefore, it can be used to heat food in the oven or microwave or to place fried food or tempura after frying.

(The heat resistance temperature varies depending on the product, so please check before use.

Because of its high heat resistance temperature, it can also be used for lunch boxes that you plan to reheat.

It is also sold under the name “cooking paper.

Is Wax Paper a Good Substitute for Cooking Sheets?

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Wax paper can be used as a substitute for cooking sheets because it feels and looks the same.

However, as mentioned above, wax paper is sensitive to high temperatures.

Therefore, it cannot be used in cooking methods where the food is hot or subjected to high heat.

From that point of view, it is a poor substitute.

Because it’s more readily available than a cookie sheet, as long as you take care not to put hot food on it, etc., it will look pretty and make your table look gorgeous!

Substitutes for cookie sheets

Here are some things you can use as a substitute for the cookie sheets used in high heat cooking.

Substitutes for cookie sheets in the oven

We recommend using aluminum foil as a substitute.

It is resistant to heat, so there is no need to worry about it burning when used in an oven or toaster oven.

However, aluminum foil may stick to the food, so that is a disadvantage.

In such cases, try using a griddle with a thin layer of butter or oil.

If you use a griddle, be careful not to use an old one, as the backside can easily get burnt.

Use an iron plate for forming things like cookies, pizza, and bread.

For loose dough such as roll cakes, it is better to use aluminum foil.

Use aluminum foil for loose dough like roll cakes.

For example, if you want to make a roll cake, you can use aluminum foil.

Substitute a cookie sheet with a drop lid.

Some people use a cookie sheet to cover their food when they cook it.

As a substitute, try using reed paper or kitchen paper.

The lead paper absorbs scum and is sometimes easier to use than a cookie sheet.


Wax paper and cooking sheets are similar in color and texture, so we tend to think that they can be used for similar purposes.

However, wax paper is sensitive to high temperatures, so you need to be careful.

Compared to wax paper, cooking sheets are more versatile and can be used for a variety of things.

On the other hand, if you compare the cost, wax paper is often sold at a lower price, so instead of using all cooking sheets, you should use wax paper with pretty patterns as well.