Substitutes for Cake Yogurt: Here are Some Recommended Alternatives

The ingredients for cakes include flour, sugar, and butter, but some use yogurt.

But some of them use yogurt. I don’t have any yogurt in the house!” “Even if I had some, I don’t have enough left! But there are times when you don’t have yogurt at home!

So this time, I’d like to introduce you to some yogurt substitutes for cakes that can be useful when you have such a problem.

You can use a variety of substitutes, so please try them out if you are short.

Yogurt in cakes is a substitute for buttermilk

The yogurt used in cakes was originally a substitute for buttermilk.

Buttermilk is the whey that remains after the butter has been removed from the strained milk. If you look at a lot of recipes for baked goods, you will find that buttermilk is sometimes used.

Also, buttermilk itself tastes similar to yogurt, slightly sour, and smells good after baking.

However, buttermilk is hard to find, so I use yogurt, which is similar.

6 of my favorite yogurt substitutes to put in cakes

Substitute for yogurt in cakes 1: Milk + lemon juice

Milk + lemon juice

The easiest and most familiar substitute for yogurt is milk.

Yogurt is made by fermenting milk, so adding lemon juice to milk adds a sour taste and makes it a good substitute for yogurt.

Substitute for yogurt in cakes 2: Soy milk

Soy milk

Like cow’s milk, soy milk can also be used as a substitute for yogurt.

It is slightly tastier than cow’s milk, so there is no need to add lemon juice.

If possible, use non-adjusted soy milk, but if you use adjusted soy milk, adjust it by reducing the sugar in the cake.

Substitute for yogurt in cakes 3: Fresh cream

Fresh cream

Instead of yogurt, you can also use fresh cream.

Although it is the same liquid, it is richer than milk or soy milk and makes the cake moister.

You can use either plant-based or animal-based cream, but plant-based cream is a little lighter and more yogurt-like.

Substitute for yogurt in cakes 4: Sour cream

sour cream

Sour cream is made by fermenting fresh cream and is a popular ingredient overseas.

You won’t find it much in Japan, but you can find it in imported food stores.

It is a little firmer than yogurt, but it has a sour taste like yogurt, so it can be used as a substitute.

Substitute for yogurt in cakes 5: Mayonnaise


If you don’t have milk or soy milk… If you don’t have milk or soy milk, you can use mayonnaise.

Thanks to mayonnaise, you can make a light and fluffy cake.

However, although it has a sour taste like yogurt, it contains eggs and oil, so if you add it in the same amount as the recipe, the taste will be affected and the oil content will be high in calories.

Substitute for yogurt in cakes 6: Tofu


Another thing you can use in place of yogurt is tofu.

Among them, silken tofu is recommended. You can substitute it for yogurt by stirring it with a mixer or a spoon until it becomes smooth and creamy.

Like yogurt, tofu is also a healthy food with almost no sugar or oil, so it is perfect if you want to cut down on calories.

Points to keep in mind when using substitutes

When using substitutes, keep the following points in mind

Don’t add too much lemon juice

If you add too much lemon juice to the milk, it will become too sour.

The amount of lemon juice should be just enough to give a slightly sour taste.

Also, the milk may curdle too much, resulting in uneven baking when the cake is baked.

Don’t put too much or too little

If you add the substitute exactly as the amount of yogurt in the recipe, it may change the taste or make the batter too loose or too hard.

In particular, be careful not to add too much soy milk or cream, which will make the dough too loose, and too much tofu, which will make the dough too hard.

Therefore, when adding substitutes, watch the situation and add them little by little.

Soy milk and tofu can feel soy-like

When using soy milk or tofu, some people may feel a soybean taste.

Some people don’t like soy milk in particular, so think about the people who will be eating it when you use it.

Incidentally, it is better to use soy milk in cakes with flavors such as cocoa or green tea than in plain cakes, as the soybean smell will not bother you.


  • Yogurt in cakes is originally a substitute for buttermilk.
  • Milk + lemon juice is recommended as a substitute for yogurt.
  • Other substitutes include soy milk, cream, sour cream, mayonnaise, and tofu.
  • If you use a substitute, be careful not to add too much lemon juice.
  • Do not add the substitute in the same amount as the yogurt, but keep an eye on it.
  • If you use soy milk or tofu, you may notice a soybean smell.