12 Substitutes for Aluminum Foil: Which One Is the Best For You?

Aluminum foil is used for baking with foil or wrapping food.

It can be used in a variety of ways, such as when you don’t want to use a frying pan, to keep rice balls warm, or as a lid.

It is an important consumable item in the kitchen, so every household has some.

However, there may be times when you happen to run out and when you want to use it, I don’t have it at home! There may be times when you run out by accident and when you want to use it, “I can’t find it at home!

Also, sometimes we do not want to use aluminum foil as much as possible because it is more expensive than plastic wrap.

So, in this issue, we will introduce Recommended Substitutes for Aluminum Foil to help you out when you are in trouble, so please take a look!

2 substitutes for aluminum foil [Heat Retention]

Newspaper + Towel

Newspaper + Towel

When making roast beef, aluminum foil is used to keep the meat warm.

However, if you do not have aluminum foil or do not want to use aluminum foil, you can substitute “towel + newspaper.

Newspaper has coarse fibers and contains a lot of air, which helps retain heat.


For temporary warming, you can use the oven to keep the food warm.

You can use the keep-warm function of the oven to heat the oven and put the food in the oven.

The keep-warm function will keep the temperature at about 60 degrees Celsius, so the food can be kept warm.

If your oven does not have a keep-warm function, you can warm the inside of the oven to a lower temperature and turn it off and on.

Temperature control in this case is difficult and may be best avoided for foods that you do not want to heat.

3 substitutes for aluminum foil [Toaster oven]

Cooking Sheet

cookie sheet

However, care must be taken not to use a baking sheet, otherwise the heat will be transferred directly to the cookie sheet and the sheet may burn.

While manufacturers vary as to whether they can be used in toaster ovens, some manufacturers instruct their customers not to wrap or bake rice cakes on them.

Also, be very careful if the sheet protrudes from the baking sheet or is used over food, as it may burn.

heat-resistant container (e.g. Pyrex)

heat-resistant container

A “heat-resistant container” that can be used in a toaster oven can be used in place of aluminum foil.

If they are compatible with gratin dishes, cocottes, etc., you can make a variety of dishes.

However, be sure to check the instructions on the container before use.

enameled tableware

enameled tableware

Enameled dishware can be used in a toaster oven or over an open flame because of its high heat resistance.

If you do not have aluminum foil, you can use enameled dishes as a substitute.

However, if you use enameled dishware with a lid, please read the instructions carefully.

Also, after heating, be sure to use mittens or similar items to remove the food, as it becomes very hot.

If it cools down rapidly after removal, there is a risk that the enameled dishware will break, so care should be taken to avoid contact with cold water, etc.

2 best substitutes for aluminum foil [Grill]

Grill Tray

Grill Tray

When you cook fish on the grill, it is difficult to wash the grates because of the dirt that sticks to them.

To avoid such a hassle, many households lay out aluminum foil before grilling.

However, using aluminum foil on the grill can cause oil to build up and cause ignition.

There are various instructions from different manufacturers, but it may be safer to grill without aluminum foil.

If you do not have aluminum foil to use on the grill, or do not want to use it, we recommend using a “grill tray”.

A corrugated grill tray can remove excess fat and is easier to wash than a mesh.

Cookie sheet + frying pan

Cookie sheet + frying pan

If you don’t want to get dirt on the grill but still want to cook food well, you can use a “cooking sheet + frying pan” instead of covering it with aluminum foil.
Place a cookie sheet on the pan and cook on it.

You can also use a cookie sheet instead of baking with foil, which is very convenient.

However, be careful not to expose it to an open flame, as it is highly flammable.

3 substitutes for aluminum foil [Steamers]

Steamer Lids

Steamer Lids

When making pudding or chawanmushi, you sometimes cover the container with aluminum foil.

In such cases, the lid of a steamer can be used as a substitute for aluminum foil.

In other words, you can put the lid directly on the steamer without covering the container.

It is convenient because it avoids consumption of aluminum foil and is easy to make.

Lids of pots and pans

Lids of pots and pans

If aluminum foil is not used, a pot lid can be substituted for the steamer lid.

A large heat-resistant plate is fine if the steamer can be covered, but a pot lid is easier to use because it is less stable.

Try to find a lid of the right size that fits perfectly.

small dish

small dish

Instead of aluminum foil, a small plate can be used as a container for the steamer.

Turn the small dish upside down, cover the container, and place it in the steamer.

Since the inside of the steamer gets hot, it is recommended to use a heat-resistant small dish!

2 substitutes for aluminum foil [Drop lid]

I usually use aluminum foil instead of a drop-lid, but I’m out of it! In that case, you can substitute a cookie sheet.

If you cut them into round shapes and use them, they will also remove the scum.

Paper Plates

Paper Plates

Paper plates, which are used at cherry blossom viewing and sports events, can also be used as drop pigs instead of aluminum foil.

Turn it over and place it in the pot, and the drop lid is set.

Make a hole in the center to allow steam to escape.


✔ For substitution of aluminum foil [heat retention], [newspaper + towel, oven] is recommended.

✔ For substitution of aluminum foil [toaster oven], we recommend [cookie sheet, heatproof container, enameled dishes].

✔ For substitution of aluminum foil [grill], we recommend [grill tray, cookie sheet + pan].

✔ For substituting aluminum foil [steamer], we recommend [steamer lid, pot lid, small plate].

✔ For aluminum foil substitution [drop lid], we recommend [cookie sheet, paper plate].